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Shopping for the Guys

I love shopping for Chris – he’s easy to buy for, loves just about anything I pick out, and I get to buy clothes without worrying about how I’ll look in them 🙂

Usually shopping for Chris involves trying to find stuff that’s both appropriate for a 27 year old professor to teach in, but also OK to wear any other time. He’s not the kind of professor who you’ll find in a blazer or button-down shirt all that often (even though I think he’d look smokin’ if he did!). Also, I don’t know if this is a by-product of growing up on St. Simons Island or what, but he typically likes to wear brighter colors. Here’s some of the things I got for him this morning (by the way, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic have some great sales going on!)…

Jersey Eckford Striped Polo from Gap – $20.00

Mixed Stripe Polo from Old Navy – $10.00

Classic Pique Polo from Old Navy – $10.00
Color-Block Baseball Tee from Old Navy – $5.00 (I think the colors on this one reminded him of his old school, Glynn Academy)
Fitted Cotton Crewneck from Banana Republic – $15.00

Kenneth Cole Reaction Cire Motorcycle Jacket from Macy*s (in black, not stone as shown)

Do any of you prefer shopping for your guys as opposed to shopping for yourself?
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4 thoughts on “Shopping for the Guys

  1. Ugh I am so jealous! S will not let me shop for him anymore (even though he always likes what I pick) and has insisted on doing it himself lately. Problem is – he won’t go shopping! I am not lying when I say the boy has maybe 3 decent shirts and 1 pair of jeans. It drives me insane!!! I think I am going to have to force him to go the mall and spend money.

  2. Yep … its so easy to shop for RLA because it seems like everything looks good on him. Almost like clothes were made to go on him. On the other hand, when we go into a store for me, half the time we are laughing at how ridiculous some things look on me. I think I’ve had hips since I was 2. 🙂

  3. I so wish Brian would dress better. He won’t let me shop for him and he won’t shop for himself. It’s embarassing really. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing and now I’m off to show Brian your list. LOL!!! XOX

  4. Please Big Man shops for his damn self..I bought a shirt for him for Xmas two years ago and I probably saw it on him twice…I much prefer to get goodies for myself! 🙂

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